Amazon & Antitrust: How Big Is Too Big?

ISYS6621: Social Media and Digital Business

A couple weeks ago, I retweeted this article about Facebook’s plan to integrate its messaging platforms, and an Irish watchdog’s subsequent investigation. I initially questioned why it matters that they’re integrating the backends of the three platforms if Facebook already owns all three. Since then, I’ve been exploring the world of antitrust regulation, especially as it pertains to the world’s largest tech companies. This issue has garnered more and more attention over the past several months, as NPR’s Planet Money podcast recently did a three-part series on antitrust and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren laid out a plan to split up Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

Modern antitrust law has been around since about the 1970s and focuses primarily on ensuring consumer welfare. In other words, these laws are centered around price and quality. When a company has little to no competition, that company has a monopoly. If a company has a…

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